Classroom Casework

At Haldeman-Homme, we offer high quality classroom casework designed and manufactured by TMI.  Through relentlessly pursuing excellence for over three decades, TMI has become the largest laminate casework manufacturer in America.  TMI's innovative application and integration of fixed modular, flexible fail-mounted, mobile and custom casework solutions continue to set new industry trends.


Today's schools are placing greater emphasis on providing a relaxed learning environment for students.  TMI is committed to creating comfortable classrooms and study areas for students of all ages.  The difference of even a few inches in counter height (demonstrated in the photo to the right) can greatly influence a child's comfort and educational experience.

For over thirty years, TMI has been a leading manufacturer of casework for educational environments.  Each year, TMI provides casework for over 600 schools.  Well designed storage systems serve the specific needs of classroom applications while contributing to the overall classroom atmosphere.  TMI designs them to be bright, comfortable, and accessible, as well as strong, tough, and durable.  TMI casework lasts, meeting or exceeding industry construction standards.  It withstands everyday wear and tear, and it is backed by a lifetime guarantee and limited warranty.

Music Storage

Music storage systems have numerous demands.  TMI manufactures top quality, durable casework able to withstand the everyday use and abuse that music storage systems endure as students repeatedly store and retrieve heavy instrument cases and equipment.  Each instrument requires its own unique shape and size storage unit.  Instructors who have used TMI's fixed modular casework system for music storage have found it to be quite accommodating for instruments and equipment of any dimension.

Together, TMI and Haldeman-Homme will offer you a casework solution that works!  For more detailed information about TMI Casework, please visit their website, or contact a member of our sales team.

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