Library Shelving

At Haldeman-Homme, we offer top of the line storage systems manufactured by Spacesaver.  These storage systems provide 100% greater storage capacity or 50% space reduction, using currently dedicated space.

By mounting storage units on wheeled carriages that run on tracks, Spacesaver systems eliminate the need for fixed aisles.  You simply push a button or turn a handle to open an aisle where you want it.

Conventional Storage:

Conventional stationary storage units require space-wasting fixed aisles.

Spacesaver Storage:

Spacesaver systems save 50% of the floor space for other uses or double the capacity of the existing space.

Powered Systems:

Spacesaver Powered Mobile Systems make storage more accessible to everyone. Easy one-touch system starts and stops carriage movement. Automatically activated infrared safety systems don’t require user training. Aisle widths can easily be programmed to accommodate wheelchairs.  System remembers where you store your most frequently accessed materials and automatically re-opens that aisle after another part of the system has been used.  Automatically closes itself up every night and locks itself to protect its contents, or automatically opens itself up with even spacing for each aisle to provide air circulation in and around your stored materials.  Tells you when something has fallen on the floor of the system, thus preventing the system from operating and protecting the fallen object.  These are just some of the capabilities of the most customizable, most versatile, most user-friendly storage system in the industry.

Manual Systems:

Spacesaver manual mobile storage systems give you the best performance of any manual system offered anywhere. That’s because they are the best engineered, most rugged and most durable you can buy. And, that’s why they last…year after year…after year.

Stability is designed in. Anti-tip devices are approved for the most earthquake-prone areas of the country. Anti-tip devices are available in both in-rail and overhead designs.  Your system will have increased stability due to the widest wheelbase in the industry on all manual systems.  Shelving and cabinets won’t shift, move or lose their alignment because Spacesaver has an extra deep shelving recess design.

Strongest and most rigid carriage system in the industry. Welded steel construction has no fasteners to loosen or break. Keeps carriage alignment true over years of use.  No need to worry about load carrying capacity because all Spacesaver carriages have a minimum 1000 lb. per foot load capacity. Your Spacesaver system will be designed to handle whatever you want to put on it!

Spacesaver mechanically assisted mobile systems give you a "feather touch" movement for the easiest access to your stored material of any other mechanical system made. The remarkable ease of movement is due to their rugged and durable performance engineering.  Comfort and ease of use are enhanced by ergonomically designed, soft-touch, three spoke rotating handles. Other handle designs are optional to fit with any décor. Spacesaver systems are the easiest to move in the industry, regardless of carriage weight or length.  A safety lock that has a bright, visual indicator showing lock status prevents unwanted movement. Prevent unauthorized access to any or all aisles with optional hub locks.

Return of Investment:

The economic benefits of converting to a Spacesaver system are substantial.  In fact, the investment can be paid back in two years or less, and the savings go on year after year.  By switching from lateral filing cabinets to a Spacesaver Storage System, you can gain even more space or even store more materials in the same amount of space.

Our design professionals have already solved many storage challenges, and are ready to assist you with your needs.  Once, the design is complete, you can trust our seasoned, factory-trained technicians for a smooth installation.  For more detailed information about the Spacesaver products we offer, please contact a member of our sales team.

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