Modular Cabinet

Haldeman-Homme offers world class cabinets and shelving storage systems manufactured by Lista International.  Please explore the various options below.

Storage Cabinets:
Lista's modular drawer storage cabinets perfectly suit the widest range of applications.  These cabinets feature unmatched versatility to meet all your current needs, and the flexibility to adapt to your future requirements.  They provide the highest density storage, along with maximum weight-bearing capacity, organization, ergonomics, and access.



Shelf Converter Drawer System:
The Shelf Converter Drawer System improves the organization of tool and part storage, without the expense of replacing your shelving.








Mobile Workbenches:

All Lista workbenches and cabinets are easily adapted for mobile uses.





Storage Wall Systems:

Even the biggest and smallest of items can be stored together in a logical and easily accessible manner using Lista's Storage Wall system.  Unlike conventional shelving, not an inch of space is wasted





Mobile Storage Cabinets:
When you need storage plus mobility, Lista mobile cabinets provide safe and secure storage and transport of parts and tools.







Lista stacked cabinets and Storage Wall systems serve as ideal mezzanine supports.






For more detailed information about Advanced Equipment, please visit their website, or contact a member of our sales team.

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