Biofit Seating

The items pictured below are a small sample of the Biofit Seating we have to offer:






AE Series
The design line of ergonomic upholstered seating. Larger, saddle-shaped upholstered seats and standard ergonomic backrests.



AM Series
The design line of robust ergonomic upholstered seating. Oversized, saddle-shaped ergonomic seats and backrests accommodate users of all sizes.


BE 1P/1Q-ERB Series
Our basic line of durable upholstered seating plus a larger backrest.




BT 1P/1Q Series
The basic line of durable upholstered seating.



DD 1B/1C Series
Ultra-durable Duragrain polystyrene seating with simulated wood grain finish. Heat and chemical resistant. Waterfall-front seats and lumbar-supporting backrests.



EA 4B/4C Series
Aflex ergonomic upholstered seating. Ergonomic seats with waterfall fronts and four-way contouring. Narrow spinal support backrests.



EE 4V/4X/ERA Series
Ergonomic upholstered seating. Ergonomic seats with waterfall front. Larger backrests with a lumbar support curve.


ET 4P/4Q Series
Entry level ergonomic seating. Ergonomic seats with waterfall front and four-way contouring, plus has lumbar support in the backrests.




MM Series
Robust size ergonomic upholstered seating. Oversize ergonomic seats and backrests.



PX 1V/1W Series
Polyshell seating. ûOne-piece molded polypropylene bucket seats. Very durable and easy to clean. Resistant to many chemicals.



UU 4L/4M Series
Powerhouse urethane seating. Seats and backrests made of flexible, yet extremely durable urethane. Ideal for situations where the environment is wet, dirty, oily or subject to sharp instruments.


WW 4E/4F Series
Maple plywood seating. Strong and durable. Waterfall, 7 ply American maple, contoured seats. 6 ply backrests.




For more detailed information about the BioFit and Interior concepts seating we offer, please contact a member of our sales team.

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