At Haldeman-Homme, we offer high quality workbenches manufactured by Lista International and Production Systems Group. Please explore our offerings below.

Products by Lista:


Industrial Workbenches:
Lista's industrial workbenches are rugged, durable, and built to handle the harshest working environments.  They can be cost-effectively custom-designed and built to suit your application.



Arlink 7000 Workbench

Arlink 7000 workbenches' efficient and ergonomic design significantly improves productivity, maximizes use of floor space and helps produce a safer work environment.




Arlink 8000 Modular Ergonomic Workstations

Incredibly easy to reconfigure, Arlink 8000 workstations can be altered to accommodate multiple changes to your workflow. These workstations are the ideal cost-effective solution for all your assembly, repair, service and light manufacturing needs.




Mobile Workbenches:

All Lista workbenches and cabinets are easily adapted for mobile uses.



Products by Production Systems Group:


PSG's Spacestation:

The Spacestation is the right choice when production flexibility and operator productivity are primary concerns.  With a host of configuration, Spacestation workstation are available in both single and double sided models.



Technical Workbenches:

Lista's technical workbenches feature a sleek, aesthetically pleasing and functional design.  They can be cost-effectively custom-designed and built to perfectly suit the widest variety of applications.




Align Adjustable Height Workstations

Align adjustable height workstations feature an adjustable base height range from 27" to 42" that allows quick and easy alignment for different tasks or operator preferences. This flexibility helps reduce fatigue, stress and the potential for injury, and creates a workspace with unsurpassed ergonomic comfort and flexible functionality; all designed to increase user productivity. Universal platform can be adjusted via motor, hand crank or slide leg base.



Nexus Accessory System:

This highly functional and flexible above-the-bench accessory system cost-effectively meets the needs of a broad variety of applications.





Increase your productivity with PSG's EZE Workmaster.

The EZE Workmaster is a rugged version of the basic workbench with options available to convert it into a production workstation.  Suspended drawers, electrical channels, and the versatile EZE Reach upper structure and accessories allow these benches to be customized for any work requirement.





For more detailed information about Advanced Equipment, please visit their website, or contact a member of our sales team.

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